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We manufacture high performance Carbide End Mills, Drills and Rotary Cutting Tools. Our CNC manufacturing facility is ISO9002:2000 certified and has state-of-the-art grinding equipment.

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How to create a simple explainer video

Here’s how to produce your own explainer video in just a few steps:

  1. Determine the video’s purpose. This has an impact on the style you choose and the channels you employ.
  2. Create a script. Concentrate on one or two main points, and conclude with a forceful call to action. Don’t overextend yourself.
  3. Make a storyboard for your video to ensure that your narrative and the pictures you wish to utilise are in sync.
  4. Practice!
  5. Create your animation by recording your video or recording your narrative.
  6. Start sharing it after you’ve finished editing it all together.

In the explainer video best practises section below, we go over everything in greater depth.


5 Best Practices for Explainer Videos

So, what distinguishes an excellent explainer video from the rest?


  1. Pay attention to your target audience.

It’s easy to get caught up in demonstrating your product’s or service’s qualities. However, keep in mind that you aren’t creating this explainer film for yourself or your coworkers. Rather than telling your audience how fantastic your product is, show them how your product or service may help them solve problems or make their life easier in general. Here are some important questions to consider:

What is the demographic of your target market? You can’t properly communicate with someone if you don’t know who you’re talking to. Keep in mind that the target market for a particular video may not be the same as your overall target market.

What are their aches and pains? What is

Maritime jargon and acronyms explained


Many nautical phrases, acronyms, and abbreviations help to standardise the worldwide nautical language and improve communication on the seas. You may acquire some of the fundamental language needed to travel on the seas, whether you’re a landlubber who dreams of sailing or simply enjoy the sound of nautical phrases, but if you work in the industry, it’s important for you to know the jargon inside and out.


Commonly used phrases

Describing the Vessel:

The first step in understanding the sea-faring lingo is being able to point out the various parts of the ship. Here are all the basics you need to know.

  • Aft – Back half of the vessel
  • Anchor – A large metal weight linked to the vessel by a chain that is thrown overboard to keep it from drifting.
  • Backstays – Lines or cables that hold the mast aloft.
  • Berth – The area on the boat, below deck where they crew sleep.
  • Bilge – The space below the ship’s hull
  • Bow – The front of the ship
  • Bridge – The ships command centre
  • Cleat – A stationary fixture aboard a ship where a rope is secured
  • Fender – A foam or air-filled bumper that prevents boats from colliding with each other or the piers when it’s docked
  • Foot – The base of the sail
  • Galley – The vessels kitchen
  • Mast – The vertical pole that holds rigging or sails in place.
  • Poop deck – The high deck at the back of the vessel
  • Rigging – The structure

Millenials & The Manufacturing Industry

Discussing manufacturing issues

Manufacturing is in a difficult situation. In the United States, this sector is one of the most critical, with a multiplier of 1.40x for every dollar spent, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, but it has a severe issue with its public image. Despite the fact that it has seen a huge rise since the national economic collapse a few years ago, it still has one of the highest skills gaps of any industry. What do you think is the most difficult problem? Retaining Millennials in manufacturing

The Deficit in Manufacturing Expertise

The manufacturing industry has improved enormously since the recession of the past decade. An increasing number of manufacturing-related products and services have necessitated a surge in the number of workers needed in the United States. The problem is that that demand is not being satisfied.

Over the next decade, an estimated 3.5 million manufacturing positions will need to be filled, but according to research, a whopping 1.9 million of them will go unfilled as the difficulty of finding skilled workers continues to rise. What’s the reason for the void? The retirement of the Baby Boomers is one of the few significant causes. According to some estimates, there are 10,000 Baby Boomers set to leave the workforce every day, causing a serious skills shortage for many businesses.

Even more challenging is that Millennials aren’t driven to take up the roles that Baby Boomers are retiring from. Millennials, according to a new Deloitte poll, consider manufacturing to be

MalwareBytes – Why You Need it

At some point, if you use Microsoft Windows (although Macs aren’t immune anymore), we’ve all had the misfortune of being the victim of some sort of malware. Whether it’s pop up’s or something more sinister, it’s still one of the unavoidable consequences of being online.

We can fight back though and one of those weapons that I employ on a regular basis as an IT professional, is the fantastic Malwarebytes. I truly believe this is one of the best anti-malware programs out there. I’ve seen first-hand how effective it can be on computer infections and honestly think that every home user running Windows should use Malwarebytes to protect themselves from malicious software.


Several versions of Malwarebytes are available and these are split into home and business. In this post I will be focusing on the home user editions, specifically Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium. There is also a free version available, which I must mention, but this is a very restricted and limited in features and effectiveness compared to the pro version.

With the premium version you get these features:

Detects and eliminates malware your antivirus will miss – This is definitely true. I’ve seen instances of where the big boys in anti-virus removal either miss some malware or can’t remove it. The particular programs I’m referring to are twice, sometimes more, expensive than a copy of Malwarebyes. It is quite extraordinary.

Removes rootkits and repairs the files they damage – A rootkit is a set of software tools that enable

Why Collect 1 18 Scale Diecast Cars?

1 18 scale diecast cars seem to be the most common size of collectibles for some reason. Why is that?

We all grew up with 1/64 scale model cars, or even smaller, thanks to Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Micro Machines, the company that proudly boasted that their cars could fit on a single dime.

So why the 1 18 scale diecast cars?

Well we have a theory on that, and keep in mind it’s just a theory: It’s just a good size for collector’s items!

When you want detail, it’s tough to fit every single nut and bolt of a Chevy into a model that’s only a couple inches long. On the other hand, the slightly rarer, larger scale model cars are a little trickier to manage. You put it on your desk and it takes up the space you usually put your coffee. You put it on a shelf and the front wheels lean off the ledge precariously. So 1 18 scale diecast cars allow a ton of detail, without sacrificing the convenience of a small model car that you can put anywhere.

Not to mention that so many 1 18 scale model cars actually feature moving parts. Doors that spring open, adjustable windshield wipers even. Imagine trying to squeeze that onto a 1/64 scale model Volkswagon.

That’s all there is to it, it’s a convenient size. It’s easy to sculpt and model for when you’re working at a scale model company, and it’s not too big or too

How To Decide On An Engraving Machine

Deciding on which of the many engraving machines to choose from will largely depend on the type of work you intend to do with it. Your best options might be narrowed down by your choice of materials and the size of the piece you have decided to engrave. There are some wonderful tools out there which are currently available to you through selected retailers and online stores.

Hand tools have been used for centuries across the globe to lay engravings into many different materials from stone, wood and metal to more fragile material such as glass. They did this for many reasons whether it was to beautify an object or simply to lay claim to it.

In their simplest forms hand engraving tools would resemble a hammer and chisel with the only differentiating feature being their point. Engraving tools would be more finely crafted to suit the more artistic needs of the masters that used them.

The Egyptians are one of the many examples of a culture who have made use of them since they used hundreds of these master engravers to create the magnificent carvings you can still see within the pyramids today. Many of the hand tools available today will closely resemble these ancient tools with the more modern additions focusing more on comfort and the ease with which they can used.

Metal engraving was once the reserve of noblemen and kings but with the advent of technological advances this luxury has become more widely available to

Localhost: Building & Testing Websites On A Local Machine

While the world may be waiting for your latest and greatest website there’s nothing like testing it locally for smoothing out the wrinkles or just getting to know how the process works. In this article I’ll take a look at ways you may want to do this.

In the main the article focuses on general web technology but it does include brief notes on an IIS installation.


IIS is the Microsoft webserver and allows you to run legacy .asp websites. IIS is included in the Windows installation but it is not installed by default. The latest version of IIS on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 is IIS 7 and is installed by choosing Programs from the Control Panel. Rather than reinvent the wheel I’ve provided a how to install IIS 7 link that outlines the steps involved.


Xampp is a self-contained development environment and includes the Apache Web server, a MySQL database and support for Perl and PHP scripting. The Apache webserver will not run legacy asp code or .Net applications without adding extra modules.The easiest way to install it is to download the latest version and follow the instructions. If you are installing on Linux follow the extremely easy instructions on the XAMPP site. 

In my own experience it is on Windows where problems tend to surface.I’ve an earlier post telling you how to do this.

Possible XAMPP problems: Port 80

If you have software like Skype installed it takes Port 80 if it is not

Securing Your Business

It seems that I’ve  started this session with a bit of an obsession about security. The latest Snapchat hack suggests I’m not wrong.

I recently began reviewing work I did for old and former clients and what I was doing for them.  I was not surprised to see that, in some cases, over 50% of the callouts or support calls were to do with virus problems. Most of those problems were caused by lack of anti-virus software or out of date software.Many users , both personal and business, seem to have the idea that computer purchases are  like buying cars. You pay for it,  give it some energy to run and maybe just maybe get it serviced each year.   If this sounds like the beginning of sales pitch then you might be right and there are lots of small business who will provide this service for $49.99 or similar but it’s not mine. You could check out the guys at Pisys.Net though – they are my go-to shop.

It is very much an example of the penny watching that small or micro businesses can spend a lot of their time doing.  Ironically, the cheap fix, not accompanied by some better security awareness, is just money for old rope for the computer fixers.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for the best price but  if that involves multiple payouts something else will suffer.

Which brings me to what I wanted to talk about here – Anti-virus software and some pointers.


The Need for PAT Testing

Even in a small company, there may be loads of electrical equipment and the bad news is it all needs tested. In the event the appliance doesn’t have a rating plate then it’s failed straight away. This testing is designed to enhance the readiness of the equipment and cut back capital overhead. For quality PAT testing services in Aberdeen , we recommend Aberdeen City Electrical

The PAT label may be scanned right away and also the past and present testing information concerning the appliance could be stored in a memory device. Leaks, rusts and metallic corrosion are typical factors that occur in regards to all the technology components used. Nonetheless, in order to perform the Earth Continuity test one should clip on a metal portion of the appliance. An electronic multimeter accompanied with a great wiring diagram and a great meter can discover the cause of any electrical issue.

Short circuit issues can be found utilizing the analogue multimeter. The frequency of testing that you conclude upon can obviously be adjusted depending on your experience. You are able to amend the frequency based on your results. This is utilized in a 2-stage test.

So the easiest means to check a cable’s present rating will be to check its diameter. It’s also helpful in finding out the load’s capability to function properly with that electric power. After the test is done, in the event the resistance measured is less than 0.1 ohms, then there’s a excellent earth connection as well as

Getting Started: A Guide To Starting Selling Air Conditioners Online

You might not believe it, but running an on-line store from your home is a good way to bring in extra cash. You can create an excellent business strategy if you learn more about how to make it work out right. These well tried and tested rules will certainly help you in starting an on-line store.

The target audience for the majority of ecommerce markets are people who speak English. Pay particular attention to English-speakers first in order to jump start your business. Once you’ve started to create a great English-speaking customer base, you can develop sites in other languages. Keep to the budget you’ve set for creating your website in English so that you know you will have enough money left to delve into other language markets.

You need to keep your social media efforts on topic and in tune with current events so you can have the best use of them for your business. Social networking is a good way to spread the word about your sales, discounts and promotions; you can also offer exclusive special deals to your followers. Social networking is usually free and gives your company incredible exposure. It is possible for you to increase web traffic and also sales by linking your webpage to social media pages owned by you.

Constantly adding exciting new air purifier and HVAC services to your online store will completely reinvigorate it. Your customers will always want to shop at your store if you give them an array of