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Maritime jargon and acronyms explained


Many nautical phrases, acronyms, and abbreviations help to standardise the worldwide nautical language and improve communication on the seas. You may acquire some of the fundamental language needed to travel on the seas, whether you’re a landlubber who dreams of sailing or simply enjoy the sound of nautical phrases, but if you work in the industry, it’s important for you to know the jargon inside and out.


Commonly used phrases

Describing the Vessel:

The first step in understanding the sea-faring lingo is being able to point out the various parts of the ship. Here are all the basics you need to know.

  • Aft – Back half of the vessel
  • Anchor – A large metal weight linked to the vessel by a chain that is thrown overboard to keep it from drifting.
  • Backstays – Lines or cables that hold the mast aloft.
  • Berth – The area on the boat, below deck where they crew sleep.
  • Bilge – The space below the ship’s hull
  • Bow – The front of the ship
  • Bridge – The ships command centre
  • Cleat – A stationary fixture aboard a ship where a rope is secured
  • Fender – A foam or air-filled bumper that prevents boats from colliding with each other or the piers when it’s docked
  • Foot – The base of the sail
  • Galley – The vessels kitchen
  • Mast – The vertical pole that holds rigging or sails in place.
  • Poop deck – The high deck at the back of the vessel
  • Rigging – The structure

Why Collect 1 18 Scale Diecast Cars?

1 18 scale diecast cars seem to be the most common size of collectibles for some reason. Why is that?

We all grew up with 1/64 scale model cars, or even smaller, thanks to Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Micro Machines, the company that proudly boasted that their cars could fit on a single dime.

So why the 1 18 scale diecast cars?

Well we have a theory on that, and keep in mind it’s just a theory: It’s just a good size for collector’s items!

When you want detail, it’s tough to fit every single nut and bolt of a Chevy into a model that’s only a couple inches long. On the other hand, the slightly rarer, larger scale model cars are a little trickier to manage. You put it on your desk and it takes up the space you usually put your coffee. You put it on a shelf and the front wheels lean off the ledge precariously. So 1 18 scale diecast cars allow a ton of detail, without sacrificing the convenience of a small model car that you can put anywhere.

Not to mention that so many 1 18 scale model cars actually feature moving parts. Doors that spring open, adjustable windshield wipers even. Imagine trying to squeeze that onto a 1/64 scale model Volkswagon.

That’s all there is to it, it’s a convenient size. It’s easy to sculpt and model for when you’re working at a scale model company, and it’s not too big or too …

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