MalwareBytes – Why You Need it

At some point, if you use Microsoft Windows (although Macs aren’t immune anymore), we’ve all had the misfortune of being the victim of some sort of malware. Whether it’s pop up’s or something more sinister, it’s still one of the unavoidable consequences of being online.

We can fight back though and one of those weapons that I employ on a regular basis as an IT professional, is the fantastic Malwarebytes. I truly believe this is one of the best anti-malware programs out there. I’ve seen first-hand how effective it can be on computer infections and honestly think that every home user running Windows should use Malwarebytes to protect themselves from malicious software.


Several versions of Malwarebytes are available and these are split into home and business. In this post I will be focusing on the home user editions, specifically Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium. There is also a free version available, which I must mention, but this is a very restricted and limited in features and effectiveness compared to the pro version.

With the premium version you get these features:

Detects and eliminates malware your antivirus will miss – This is definitely true. I’ve seen instances of where the big boys in anti-virus removal either miss some malware or can’t remove it. The particular programs I’m referring to are twice, sometimes more, expensive than a copy of Malwarebyes. It is quite extraordinary.

Removes rootkits and repairs the files they damage – A rootkit is a set of software tools that enable an unauthorized user to gain control of a computer system without being detected. Unfortunately this is becoming more common now.

Prevents access to and from known malicious websites – Some websites look fine on the outside but this feature can detect the validity and credibility of a website to prevent any infections.

Detects malware automatically in real-time, before it can infect – This feature is really is why you should go for the premium version instead of the free version. Real time protection will stop malware before it enters your hard drive and potentially causing lasting damage.

Schedule automatic scans and database updates – One reason PCs pick up viruses is because the virus definitions database isn’t up to date. With this feature important updates are installed automatically and you can also set specific times for scans.

You can pick from 3 different types of scans.


Threat – This is the recommended scan and looks in the areas that are prone to malware infection such as RAM, Startup and registry etc.

Custom – You can choose which area of your computer you’d like to scan.

Hyper – This is a quick check for malware. Performing this scan allows you to see if any malware is actively running.


One thing I really like about Malwarebytes is it runs just the same in Windows safe mode, which is really helpful if a persistent piece of malware needs removing.

I highly recommend this software for anyone running a Windows computer. I’ve used the product so many times and I can’t rave enough about it. I’m certain that it will be beneficial to you if you decide to buy a copy. You’ll probably be surprised what it finds when you run the first scan.


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