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We manufacture high performance Carbide End Mills, Drills and Rotary Cutting Tools. Our CNC manufacturing facility is ISO9002:2000 certified and has state-of-the-art grinding equipment.

Welcome CET Direct

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Why Collect 1 18 Scale Diecast Cars?

1 18 scale diecast cars seem to be the most common size of collectibles for some reason. Why is that?

We all grew up with 1/64 scale model cars, or even smaller, thanks to Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Micro Machines, the company that proudly boasted that their cars could fit on a single dime.

So why the 1 18 scale diecast cars?

Well we have a theory on that, and keep in mind it’s just a theory: It’s just a good size for collector’s items!

When you want detail, it’s tough to fit every single nut and bolt of a Chevy into a model that’s only a couple inches long. On the other hand, the slightly rarer, larger scale model cars are a little trickier to manage. You put it on your desk and it takes up the space you usually put your coffee. You put it on a shelf and the front wheels lean off the ledge precariously. So 1 18 scale diecast cars allow a ton of detail, without sacrificing the convenience of a small model car that you can put anywhere.

Not to mention that so many 1 18 scale model cars actually feature moving parts. Doors that spring open, adjustable windshield wipers even. Imagine trying to squeeze that onto a 1/64 scale model Volkswagon.

That’s all there is to it, it’s a convenient size. It’s easy to sculpt and model for when you’re working at a scale model company, and it’s not too big or too

How To Decide On An Engraving Machine

Deciding on which of the many engraving machines to choose from will largely depend on the type of work you intend to do with it. Your best options might be narrowed down by your choice of materials and the size of the piece you have decided to engrave. There are some wonderful tools out there which are currently available to you through selected retailers and online stores.

Hand tools have been used for centuries across the globe to lay engravings into many different materials from stone, wood and metal to more fragile material such as glass. They did this for many reasons whether it was to beautify an object or simply to lay claim to it.

In their simplest forms hand engraving tools would resemble a hammer and chisel with the only differentiating feature being their point. Engraving tools would be more finely crafted to suit the more artistic needs of the masters that used them.

The Egyptians are one of the many examples of a culture who have made use of them since they used hundreds of these master engravers to create the magnificent carvings you can still see within the pyramids today. Many of the hand tools available today will closely resemble these ancient tools with the more modern additions focusing more on comfort and the ease with which they can used.

Metal engraving was once the reserve of noblemen and kings but with the advent of technological advances this luxury has become more widely available to

Localhost: Building & Testing Websites On A Local Machine

While the world may be waiting for your latest and greatest website there’s nothing like testing it locally for smoothing out the wrinkles or just getting to know how the process works. In this article I’ll take a look at ways you may want to do this.

In the main the article focuses on general web technology but it does include brief notes on an IIS installation.


IIS is the Microsoft webserver and allows you to run legacy .asp websites. IIS is included in the Windows installation but it is not installed by default. The latest version of IIS on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 is IIS 7 and is installed by choosing Programs from the Control Panel. Rather than reinvent the wheel I’ve provided a how to install IIS 7 link that outlines the steps involved.


Xampp is a self-contained development environment and includes the Apache Web server, a MySQL database and support for Perl and PHP scripting. The Apache webserver will not run legacy asp code or .Net applications without adding extra modules.The easiest way to install it is to download the latest version and follow the instructions. If you are installing on Linux follow the extremely easy instructions on the XAMPP site. 

In my own experience it is on Windows where problems tend to surface.I’ve an earlier post telling you how to do this.

Possible XAMPP problems: Port 80

If you have software like Skype installed it takes Port 80 if it is not

Securing Your Business

It seems that I’ve  started this session with a bit of an obsession about security. The latest Snapchat hack suggests I’m not wrong.

I recently began reviewing work I did for old and former clients and what I was doing for them.  I was not surprised to see that, in some cases, over 50% of the callouts or support calls were to do with virus problems. Most of those problems were caused by lack of anti-virus software or out of date software.Many users , both personal and business, seem to have the idea that computer purchases are  like buying cars. You pay for it,  give it some energy to run and maybe just maybe get it serviced each year.   If this sounds like the beginning of sales pitch then you might be right and there are lots of small business who will provide this service for $49.99 or similar but it’s not mine. You could check out the guys at Pisys.Net though – they are my go-to shop.

It is very much an example of the penny watching that small or micro businesses can spend a lot of their time doing.  Ironically, the cheap fix, not accompanied by some better security awareness, is just money for old rope for the computer fixers.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for the best price but  if that involves multiple payouts something else will suffer.

Which brings me to what I wanted to talk about here – Anti-virus software and some pointers.


The Need for PAT Testing

Even in a small company, there may be loads of electrical equipment and the bad news is it all needs tested. In the event the appliance doesn’t have a rating plate then it’s failed straight away. This testing is designed to enhance the readiness of the equipment and cut back capital overhead. For quality PAT testing services in Aberdeen , we recommend Aberdeen City Electrical

The PAT label may be scanned right away and also the past and present testing information concerning the appliance could be stored in a memory device. Leaks, rusts and metallic corrosion are typical factors that occur in regards to all the technology components used. Nonetheless, in order to perform the Earth Continuity test one should clip on a metal portion of the appliance. An electronic multimeter accompanied with a great wiring diagram and a great meter can discover the cause of any electrical issue.

Short circuit issues can be found utilizing the analogue multimeter. The frequency of testing that you conclude upon can obviously be adjusted depending on your experience. You are able to amend the frequency based on your results. This is utilized in a 2-stage test.

So the easiest means to check a cable’s present rating will be to check its diameter. It’s also helpful in finding out the load’s capability to function properly with that electric power. After the test is done, in the event the resistance measured is less than 0.1 ohms, then there’s a excellent earth connection as well as

Getting Started: A Guide To Starting Selling Air Conditioners Online

You might not believe it, but running an on-line store from your home is a good way to bring in extra cash. You can create an excellent business strategy if you learn more about how to make it work out right. These well tried and tested rules will certainly help you in starting an on-line store.

The target audience for the majority of ecommerce markets are people who speak English. Pay particular attention to English-speakers first in order to jump start your business. Once you’ve started to create a great English-speaking customer base, you can develop sites in other languages. Keep to the budget you’ve set for creating your website in English so that you know you will have enough money left to delve into other language markets.

You need to keep your social media efforts on topic and in tune with current events so you can have the best use of them for your business. Social networking is a good way to spread the word about your sales, discounts and promotions; you can also offer exclusive special deals to your followers. Social networking is usually free and gives your company incredible exposure. It is possible for you to increase web traffic and also sales by linking your webpage to social media pages owned by you.

Constantly adding exciting new air purifier and HVAC services to your online store will completely reinvigorate it. Your customers will always want to shop at your store if you give them an array of 

Locating Quality Garage Door Contractors When You Need One

Almost everyone will need to work with a garage door repair contractor at some point. Many contractors who offer a quick turnaround for a reasonable price end up cutting corners, so it’s crucial to be extra careful. You could find an excellent contractor you could trust in if you use these simple steps.

During the selection process for your garage door repair contractor, make certain you always solicit at least three proposals. It is not always the best choice only to choose the lowest one. As a rule of thumb, the more you pay for a garage door repair service provider’s services, the better the final results will probably be. A clear picture of where your money is going should always be provided by your contractor.

You may be able to find a good garage door repair contractor the old fashioned way, by using the local Yellow Pages . You will have a great selection of contractors to choose from, and you may find some you want to interview. A written contract should include a payment schedule and all of the financial details for the job. The garage door repair service provider and his crew should always keep the job site clean, so ask to clean it up if it gets unsightly.

Look at each candidate carefully before you make a final decision on a professional garage door repair contractor. Follow your instincts when working with a contractor; only proceed if you think he can handle your time constraints and

A Career As A SharePoint Consultant?

Do you think that working as a SharePoint consultant in Aberdeen would be a good job? Well, in that case, perhaps you should learn more about finding positions for Aberdeen SharePoint consultants. Keep reading for more information about these jobs.

The average salary for an Aberdeen SharePoint consultant is around fifty thousand pounds. So, its easy to see that SharePoint is a valuable skill, and even knowing enough about the software to qualify as a novice user should help you put together a solid resume. If you consider yourself to be an expert, then you will be in a great position to negotiate your salary. Be specific about the kind of projects you have already completed using SharePoint in the past to give an idea of how skilled you are. If possible, put together a portfolio of your work as well.

If you are skilled with SharePoint and located outside of Aberdeen, then consider relocating to the area. Aberdeen is a dynamic city with a lot of great attractions. The Union Street area is filled with traditional pubs as well as more modern clubs, it has a vibrant nightlife and exciting music and social scene. The cost of living is high, though, thanks to the oil and gas industry, but shop around  you should be able to find a very nice serviced apartment or even a small house outside of town- with your substantial salary as a SharePoint consultant. Just make sure that you have it professionally cleaned before moving

Welcome to Cutting Edge Technologies

Our high performance metal cutting tools ensure accurate machining and smoother part finishes. Whatever your end mill or drill needs, CET can supply the precise tool for high speed and feed rates. We offer decimal, fractional, corner radius and high helix end mills as well as metric, cobalt, double-end cobalt, six flute and roughing end mills. Drills include metric cobalt micro, carbide circuit board and carbide NC spotting drills as well as carbide combined drill and countersinks.

When you need special rotary tools, including surgical cutters and dental drills, think CET.

We utilize the latest coating technologies to provide longer tool life. Several coating options are available, such as the amorphous diamond coating of our “G” Mills™, which are designed for graphite applications and provide fast particle evacuation. “Q” Mills are manufactured from precision-performing sub micro-grain carbide and feature cutting edges CNC ground to exacting tolerances, specifications and finish. Our “L” Mills are long fluted with long shanks.

We also supply specialist cutting tools to a range of industries such as medical, jewellery designers, aerospace and many more. All of our products conform to the relevant safety and quality standards and are backed by our 100% no-quibble guarantee.

Incorporated in 1989, CET is ISO9002:2000 certified and provides superior quality, exceptional value and innovative solutions for all metal cutting needs. Our products are 100% guaranteed to meet your tightest tolerances, and with a quick turnaround time, promptly delivered. The many benefits CET offers will help lower your tool costs and